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Specterise VSS is a video surveillance software that works on top of of the NMS VSS and extends its feature-set in multuple directions.

Our software is also able to connect to any camera with ONVIF support and fully operate.

Face Detection & Recognition

Specterise VSS provides face detection and recognition capabilities. The software scans footage to identify and locate people from cameras, allowing users to later quickly search for specific people and find when they appear on camera.

Computer Vision

Our system provides advanced security features like Abandoned Object Detection, Perimeter Protection, and Line Crossing Detection. Users can set alerts for these functions, enabling immediate notifications for specific security events.

User & Permission Management

Specterise VSS provides granular management of employee accounts and permissions. This feature facilitates easy implementation in large organizations by enabling resource based access control.

Client/Server Architecture

The client/server architecture allows the client software to operate on less powerful computers, reducing hardware requirements and helping organizations cut unnecessary costs.

Cross Platform Application

Specterise VSS can be installed on Windows, Linux and MacOS operating systems.


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